Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Wish Thief: Family Drama With Magic Sprinkles

The Wish Thief Has Arrived!

Fantasy adventure with a touch of holiday spirit.   

A young spelunker from a troubled family sets out to find a priceless gem. Just as the prize appears within reach, otherworldly beings arrive to foil her plans. A battle of wits versus magic ensues, unraveling the order of the universe, and only the girl who started it all can return things back to normal. Considering her messed-up life back home, surely there's a better option than 'normal', but can she find it before time runs out? 

The Goodreads Community Says:

“Glory is a brave, adventurous, and highly imaginative girl. She makes a believable and likable central character. Her difficulties with her schoolmates are easily recognized; so are the problems that beset her family. In one form or another, they are nearly universal. This makes the book an interesting combination of the familiar and the fantastic.” – Cherokee R.

“From start to finish this book was a pleasure to read and ponder.” --Jim B.

“. . . brought some magic to me, like a fountain of youth. I felt the wonder of seeing through young eyes. Kind of like falling down the rabbit hole or going somewhere over the rainbow. This book is great for all ages.” ~Larua T.

“Glory Alley is a wonderfully likable character with spunk and heart. She finds herself plunged into the world she thought was only a fairytale . . . There's a touch of humor in the story, along with a lot of emotion as Glory tries to help the dysfunctional, sad Alley family--especially Mean Dad, who clearly isn't a bad guy, but life has dealt him more blows than he can handle. I enjoyed this imaginative book tremendously, rooting for Glory and the whole family. Highly recommended.” ~Lucy M.

Additional Info

The Wish Thief started out as a novella. I wrote it from beginning to end in under three days. It was as if the story was flowing into me from another worldly force and  I was merely the conduit in charge of getting it onto paper. That’s not to say I didn’t put a lot of thought and effort into honing it in the traditional way—through trial and error, blood and tears, coffee and chocolate. In the process, it has been transformed into a full length novel. Of all the book I have written, it's my personal favorite. Even though I didn't set out to write a Christian fantasy (I never do), after several drafts I realized that was exactly what I had done. However, my focus remains firmly on entertaining the reader. The "religious stuff" is subtle and easy to miss if you don't know to look for it, which I think is a good thing. The book is full of holiday spirit, so this might be a good time of year to give it a try.  My hope is that The Wish Thief steals your heart as she has mine.

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