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SFFWorld's Interview With C. D. Verhoff

I was honored when Dag Rambraut with SFFWorld contacted me about doing an interview. Of course I said yes. He started by asking me to tell him a little bit about my latest novel, Avant Nation. Here is my reply: 
The story opens after the Second Civil War has dissolved the United States. The south is now Avantica, a nation built on genetic engineering. In the north there’s the Liberty Union Democracy, a nation violently opposed to Avantica’s ideologies. Clara, the protagonist, is a young medic caught in the middle. The questions she finds herself asking are issues we face today. How much influence should the government have over healthcare and education? How will genetic engineering shape the future? Who will control the gene pool? In exchange for comfort and security, what freedoms are we willing to give away?  However, the novel’s focus isn’t on politics or science. In a nutshell, it’s a suspenseful coming-of-age story with lots of action and a touch of romance.

If you would like to ch…