Thursday, January 22, 2015

Before & After Cover Reveal: Avant Nation

My pencil sketch next to the artist's rendition.

I spent weeks penciling out different ideas for the front cover. This is the drawing that finally won me over. It isn't an actual scene from the book. The image is symbolic, depicting how the main character, Clara, feels like a cogwheel in a machine, endlessly turning with no hope of escape. I chose the nighttime backdrop with the futuristic city below because it meshes with the fictional Avantican flag. If you look carefully, you can see the sky tube transportation system she uses to travel around town.

Unable to bring the vision to full fruition on my own, I handed my sketch over to the very talented Mominur Rahman. It's like staring at the BEFORE & AFTER photos of an extreme makeover, where a frumpy housewife is turned into a glamorous supermodel. A stunning transformation, I'd say. Thank you, Mominur!

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