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Are you a CREATIVE?


When A Rescue Dog Becomes the Rescuer

I love this true story about a rescue dog who becomes the rescuer!

Way to go Norman!

If you're considering getting a dog or cat, remember the thousands of wonderful animals just like Norman waiting for forever homes! 
After our hilarious lab/mix died of cancer earlier in the year, we were heartbroken. The house just wasn't the same. We needed another dog as much as some dog out there needed us. Rigby came to us through a shelter in Bowling Green after I found his picture and description online through Petfinder. He's a two-year-old lab mix.  He might not be a pure breed, but he's a pure sweetie.

Writing An Effective Opening Paragraph: An Analysis of The Hunger Games

C. D. Verhoff
Writer, Teacher, Blogger

This is a follow-up to my article, Common Newbie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you recall, I wrote about the all-important opening scene and some of the associated cliches, including the overused ‘Wake Up Scene’. This is when the novel begins with the protagonist waking up, usually stretching and groaning. Some versions of the 'Wake Up Scene' feature the protagonist throwing the alarm clock or struggling to remember last night's events. Just as often you will find him or her shuffling off to a mirror, which is the inexperienced author's favorite way to work in the character's physical description. If a novel opens with any of these elements or a combination thereof, it’s probably the work of a new writer. There are always exceptions, of course, which brings me to The Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins. 

This dystopian tale begins with the proverbial 'Wake Up Scene', but it works beautifully. Happy accident? Not a chance.…

Zombie Dad

A zombie has just bitten your arm, but you haven't turned yet. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere with your infant daughter. What would you do?  I love this video's take on it.