C.D. Verhoff's First LIVE "Radio" Interview

When Eric from Gingerman Editorial asked me to do an interview, I had reservations because I'm a better writer than speaker. I decided to give it a go anyway and am glad I did. Eric is a talented interviewer, as well as an editor, so I couldn't have been in better hands. He kept his cool when I couldn't get my camera working. I never did figure out went wrong (hence, the reason I'm calling it a "radio" interview), but we soldiered through the technical issues to talk about Avant Nation, Comet Dust, literature and more. 

The interview is now available on YouTube. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to post them below. 

If you're a writer in search of an editor, check out Gingerman Editorial. I hired them to work on my last book and was happy with the results. They also offer podcast creation and YouTube management services. ~Deanna (C.D. Verhoff)


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